100 Snacks Under ONE HUNDRED! Calories

Remember towards always replicate audit the marks of your picked foods for calories and towardsalways keep towards moderation.
20 olives
68 calories – If you want something towards nibble with your treat glass of wine, why not steer away from the crisps and possess a number of olives instead? At alone 68 calories for twentythey’re a far healthier option. Olives are also nice for the liver.

14 almonds
98 calories – A heavenly snack for holding at your desk when you need something towards snackonto, almonds is an ideal spare for the savoury snacks civilians habitually extend for and with heart protective monounsaturated fats and a number of vitamin b why wouldn’t you?

2 Jaffa Cakes
90 calories – Tasty treat that is calorifically low and with just one gram of fat per cake.

‘Be Good To Yourself’ Cool flavour tortilla snacks
93 calories – Having allies again and need low calorie party food? These are heavenly for sharing and won’t ruin your diet either.

Elizabeth Hurley’s Guilt Free Orange and Chocolate Oat Bars
100 calories – indulge within a number of chocolate orange (not a ‘chocolate orange’) without the hefty calories.

Two packs of Lightly Salted ‘Snack-a-jacks’ Popcorn
98 calories – Fancy a munch at the cinema? You can possess two of these packs of ‘snack-a-jacks’ for below hundred calories (you may need towards slink them within however!)

100g of ‘Rod & Ben’s’ Pea & Mint soup
62 calories – Soups are convincing, making them a great diet snack whether you’re peckish.
Aero Bubbleball
99 calories – These ice-cream gifts are based onto screwballs and with much less calories than most ice-cream snacks!

An apple
100 calories – “An apple a day can keep the doctor away.” Apples are rich within soluble fibre which serves protect against environmental pollutants and eliminates cholesterol. Go for one of the sweeter flavor and you can forgo a less healthy sugary snack.

1 ‘Skinny Cow’ Ice Cream
100 calories – You can still enjoy a frozen treat and keep your ‘beach body’ thank you towardsthese low fat iced desserts, and they arrive within a flavor of tasty flavours, want berry and chocolate.

Miso soup
57 calories – You can buy miso soup within powder sachets so they earn a rapid and easy mid-afternoon snack for the office.

One ‘party size’ sausage roll
61 calories – pastry is none ally towards a dieter, but fortunately just one bite sized sausage roll won’t eat much into your calorie allowance.

Mini vegetable samosa
70 calories – Will numeral towards your 5 a day and the carbs within the pastry shall assistance lift you from the three o’clock slump.

Quavers crisps
87 calories – a cheesy snack at a proportion of the calories of a chunk of cheddar.
10 salted peanuts
74 calories – Nuts are tall within calories, but as a ‘Low GI’ food they release their energygradually, so a low allowance shall keep hunger pangs at bay for a long time.

Three celery sticks packed with cottage cheese
75 calories – Celery may seem want boring diet food, but filled with gentle cottage cheese it earnsa great savoury treat.

Five ‘Werthers Originals’
100 calories – How long does it rob towards suck your distance across five boiled sweets? It’ll be dinner moment ahead of you know it!

‘Be Good To Yourself’ Sweet Chili Cassava Snacks
76 calories – If you relish crisps and can not think of anything better than a pack towards snackonto, opt for a low calorie choice and skirt temptation.

Three chicken satay sticks with smooth peanut butter
98 calories – Yum.
Two packed vine leaves
100 calories – an alternative party snack.

Five squares of ‘Green and Blacks’ Butterscotch chocolate
85 calories – you can diet and eat chocolate (see our article onto dieting and chocolate) Justearn sure it’s tall within cocoa and don’t scratch too much.

Two thinly buttered oatcakes
100 calories – The energy granted towards ourselves from oats gets consumed very gradually, so this should keep you going until dinner time.

‘Weight Watchers’ Frozen Chocolate Eclair
76 calories – Chocolate, pastry and cream at just 76 calories? It’s true!

Three potato wedges with ketchup
100 calories – It’s almost as nice as being licenced chips. Just earn sure you don’t put many than three within the oven and don’t overdo the ketchup…

30 grapes
100 calories – Last’s everybody morning and scores as one of your 5 a day. Grapes assistancewithin the counseling of anaemia, fatigue, arthiritis, gout, rheumatism and specially for recovery from illness.

Fun-size Milky Way
76 calories – “The red car and the blue car had a race… All red consumed towards do was packit’s face; it ate everything it see’s from lorries towards prickly tree’s… but nice old blue he took the milky way!”

One melon
88 calories – Melons are the ultimate diet snack! They possess such a low calorific importance as they are made up particularly of water; go forth and eat a complete one whether you like!

Six dried apricots
100 calories – Convenient snack towards possess within your handbag, plus they’re full of fibre too.

Tomato soup
74 calories – a low calorie soup can be a filling snack and full of goodness.

Prawn cocktail Skips
89 calories – A light snack towards composure your savoury craving.

Sugar-free jelly with two scoops Wall’s Vanilla Light Ice Cream
100 calories – re-visit your youth with this classic kids’ party pudding. Good for sore-throats too!

25 cherries
100 calories – Full of vitamins and low fat, cherries also rob a whilst towards eat as you possesstowards skirt the stones, so your morning snack lasts.

‘Special K’ Chocolate Chip Cereal Bar
84 calories – Fewer calories than the regular chocolate bar; a great sweet limit and craving killer.

125ml red or dry white wine
 85 calories – this one’s presumably greatest retained for as soon as profession however!

2 crackers thinly transmit with smooth peanut butter
93 calories – nuts release energy gradually (thanks towards their low glycaemic index), plus crackers always rob ages towards chew, just don’t endeavour towards eat them within below a minute.

1 Birds Eye Potato Waffle
94 calories – a treat the complete relations can enjoy (although presumably greatest towardsmultiply the quantity via the number of relations members).

2 Tuna nigri sushi
98 calories – A very healthy snack for sushi fans!

Stewed apple with 1tbsp fromage frais
83 calories – Make within batches and keep within the freezer. It earns a healthy dessert for that kids shall like!

Portobello mushroom packed with roast veg and feta cheese
100 calories – Packed with healthy veg and tasty cheese.

3 giant sea salt pretzels
93 calories – Filling treat towards cream you up from your mid-afternoon slump.

2 satsumas
42 calories – low-calorie snack packed with vitamin C and intractable towards eat whichprocesses your snack lasts longer!
Mini Babybel with two Nairn’s Mini Oatcakes
98 calories – occasionally it’s steely towards defy cheese when you’re dieting, but you don’t needtowards during you stick with the ‘light’ option.
2 Poppadums with salsa
94 calories – spice up a poppadom with hot salsa!

Meringue nest with cream and strawberries
71 calories – This snack shall certainly kill that sugar craving masonry dead!

2 Grissini breadsticks with houmous
97 calories – Dipping snacks keep your hands busy!

Eight cashew nuts
100 calories – devoured within judicious quantities, nuts can be a dieter’s greatest ally, as they keep you fuller for longer.
‘Tunnocks’s’ Chocolate Teacake
91 calories – A chocolate marshmallow biscuit treat. What many can you ask for?

20 Chocolate coated raisins
80 calories – You can cream at this snack everybody afternoon, and not alone is it chocolate but it brings towards your 5 a day. Bonus!

Four marshmallows
90 calories – Toasted until gooey or popped onto top of your coffee, marshmallows are a fantastic low-fat sweet.

Carrot batons with extra-light mayo dip
65 calories – low-fat and nutritious.

Small pack of Twiglets
97 calories – Filling and full of flavour, possibly not whether you don’t want Marmite!

Pink wafer biscuit
72 calories – the heavenly partner towards your cup of tea or coffee.

Go Ahead!’ Strawberry Yoghurt Break Bar
72 calories – Fruity sweet limit without the guilt.

Flute of champagne
90 calories – This may not be within your daily, or even weekly budget, but every already andotherwise it’s nice towards treat yourself towards a glass of bubbly.

Double vodka and slimline tonic
100 calories – Never forget the calories within drinks (You can read our article approximately drink and dieting here). Vodka and slimline tonic is however relatively low, although, so you can enjoy one occasionally.

One cut Warburtons bread toasted and gentle cheese
100 calories – Toast with a delicious cheesy topping doesn’t possess towards be calorific. If youconsume healthy bread and transmit your gentle cheese thinly.

Thin cut Soreen malt loaf
86 calories – Sticky and sweet.

Mini pitta with 1tsp tzatziki
97 calories – A savoury delight, sliced towards assistance it last.

One mini Toblerone
21 calories – I bet this one is a realy shocker! Yes, bite sized chocolate with crunchy nougat chunks can be a mere 21 calories each suspect it or not. (note MINI toblerone).

A crumpet
100 calories – We habitually tell staying away from baked commodities, however you can toast yourself a crumpet (avoiding butter) and dust with a small allowance of grated low-fat cheese for a filling snack.

A pear
100 calories – Next moment you fancy a snack, why not extend for a refreshing pear? One of your 5-a-day and less than hundred calories too.

A low baked potato
100 calories – Jacket potatoes are filling and very low within calories whether you choose the right toppings. Try with two teaspoons of fat-free sour cream and/or halves cup of salsa for less thanhundred calories.

A ‘Slim-Fast’ Heavenly Chocolate Delight bar
95 calories – A tasty chocolate bar without the guilt. They also arrive within Chocolate Nutty 

Nougat and Caramel Treat flavours, too.

150g of Fat Free Vanilla Onken Yogurt
74 calories – Pop one of these yogurts within the fridge and you’ll always possess a tasty snack when you’re feeling any hunger pangs.

A ‘School’ Bar
67 calories – These bars are a convenient snack for an energy boost. They don’t melt either!

‘Weight Watchers’ Luxury Layer Chocolate Brownie Pot
90 calories – If you feel want a treat as soon as dinner but don’t need towards impair your diet; one of these iced desserts is heavenly (and it’s much less fattening than ice cream).

A medium corn onto the cob with seasoning
100 calories – It’s nice towards know that you can possess a corn onto the cob with a little salt and pepper for less than hundred calories!

2tsp hummus with a carrot
100 calories – Enjoy hummus with a number of crunchy carrot at any moment for just hundredcalories.

Four cuts of mango
90 calories – You can enjoy four cuts of juicy mango. They’re also sweet so great as a treat whetheryou’d habitually extend for something with many calories!

A cup of blueberries
83 calories – Blueberries (as well as being a powerful antioxidant) are tasty, refreshing and a greatdistance of getting one of your ‘five a day’. Also conceived a ‘superfood’ for it’s proficiencytowards slow the aging procedure and protect against heart and circulatory illness and a lot forms of cancer.

A ‘Weight Watchers’ Mini Chocolate Stick
95 calories – There’s nothing better (and habitually horrifically calorific!) than a tasty ice creamwithin the summer months, but whether you don’t need towards impair your diet why notendeavour one of these?

70g ‘TOTAL’ 2% yogurt with 80g strawberries
69 calories – Enjoy them with a number of creamy yogurt for alone 69 calories. Strawberries alsopossess the impressive proficiency towards increase the body’s elimination of uric acid (a mineralwhich outrages inflamed joints).

A pack of Fruit Flakes
66 calories – ‘Fruit Flakes’ would be many than three moments heavier whether they were non-dried fruit, which just displays how much fruit they pack in! Great for a nutritional boost.

A Brooklea Fromage Frais
87 calories – These fromage frais are handy for your lunchbox when you fancy a treat.

Opies cocktail gherkins thirty calories per 227g jar (seriously!)
30 calories – At an impressive thirty calories per jar these gherkins are a nice spare for any snack (and filling I imagine).

A ‘Monster Puffs’ cereal bar
83 calories – Based onto the cereal ‘Sugar Puffs’, these bars taste delicious and are a great morning snack.

A pack of Slim Fast Cheddar Flavour Bites
95 calories – Cheesy snacks are controversial for being tall within calories, but these cheddar-flavoured bites are alone 95 calories a bag.

One Strawberry ‘Weight Watchers’ Mini Swirl Pot
92 calories – If you fancy a tasty snack within the evening, why not extend for one of these? 

They’re below hundred calories per pot and less calorific than a bowl of ice cream.

One Starbucks Tall Cappuccino with skimmed milk
76 calories – Coffees can be extraordinarily tall within calories, but whether you’re dependantonto your caffeine limit otherwise why not opt for Starbucks ‘skinny cappuccino’? You can finally enjoy your hot drink without too much guilt!

10 Pringles
100 calories – At a party you can tuck into ten Pringles without the guilt. However don’t beheaved into the addictive ‘once you pop you can’t stop’ slogan (pretty sure it’s not true).

A ‘Dole’ Pineapple Pot
62 calories – Pineapple is a great sweet and these pots are handy any time. Being both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial; Sore-throats, digestive complications, bruising and blood clotseverybody respond towards Pineapple’s natural ingredients!

2 Cadbury’s Roses
100 calories – There’s none need towards be scared of the container of Roses, you can possess two of your favourites for below hundred calories, just earn sure it is just ‘two’.
A ‘Slim Fast’ Sour Cream and Chive Flavoured Pretzels snack bag
95 calories – Pretzels are a great spare for fatty crisps and shall still grant you that savoury kick.

2 kiwis
58 calories – Kiwi fruit’s not alone consist as much vitamin C as an orange, it’s a great fruit towardsrob towards profession or possess at house and earn a nice distort from the many ordinary fruit. Also an help towards digestion and skin problems.

A glass of orange juice
100 calories – Orange juice is the greatest distance of getting your vitamin C and they are also lowwithin calories.

A ‘Müller’ Light yoghurt
96 calories – With flavours want cherry, blueberry and raspberry what’s not towards love?
One pack of Ryvita Salt and Vinegar Mini Bites
100 calories – If you fancy a packet of crisps with your lunch you can skirt the guilt with these bites.

16 strawberries
58 calories – Strawberries are one of Britain’s preference summer fruits and they’re low withincalories too. You can dig into 16 for a mere 58 calories! Strawberries also possess the impressive proficiency towards increase the body’s elimination of uric acid (a mineral which outrages inflamed joints).

Half a pint of lager and seven peanuts
99 calories – There’s none need towards miss out onto that Friday drink and peanuts or firmly increasing your beer belly when you trip the pub. Half a pint and a few peanuts shouldn’t painyour diet.

A ‘Slim-Fast’ Chocolate Nutty Nougat bar
95 calories – Keep one of these within your desk won’t be tempted towards extend for a calorific chocolate bar next moment you possess the ‘choco cravings’.

A Frozen banana
95 calories – frozen bananas: They taste great! Simply shove a lolly stick into a banana otherwisejust freeze it, and you possess a cheap, healthy and tasty iced snack for round 95 calories. Take that ice-cream!

1 Cadbury’s Highlights Mousse
60 calories – Satisfy those chocolate cravings with a chocolate mousse, and at alone 60 calories you can fall unconscious content.

Two medium peaches
76 calories – Lowers cholesterol and tall blood pressure, regenerates skin tissue and consisting a lot indispensable vitamins, peaches are great for you and yummy too.

1 McVitie’s chocolate digestive
83 calories – There’s nothing want a chocolate biscuit with your afternoon cup of tea, and you can possess a chocolate digestive for alone 83 calories.

1 pack of ‘Walkers’ Salt and Vinegar French Fries
82 calories – If you fancy a number of crisps, snack onto a pack of these and you can enjoy your crisps and skirt any guilt.

1 cut of Marmite onto brown toast
100 calories – If you relish Marmite and fancy something rapid and filling, a chip of toast and marmite is still alone hundred calories. Marmite (love it or hate it) is also a fantastic food for vegetarians as it consists vitamin B which is mainly located within meat, eggs and fish.

1 ‘Fruit and Fibre’ bar
95 calories – Under hundred calories and convenient for onto the go, pop one within your pocket for when you’re out and about.

A hard-boiled egg
78 calories – Not alone are they tall within protein and amino acids, but hard-boiled eggs are a filling snack. Second towards nobody for that protein boost. Also a wonderful cause of zinc and vitamins A, B, D and E!

25 ‘Jelly Belly’ jelly beans
100 calories – Have a sweet tooth? Why not dig into a number of jelly beans next moment you fancy a snack? You can possess 25 of these and still not go again hundred calories.


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