Myth or reality?

Question:  Does Bread Cause Stomach Fat?
The basic reply is it depends on which breeding of bread.
Avoid the breads that retain white flour, refined flour, enriched flour, enriched wheat flour, enriched bleached flour and wheat flour.  There are more, but these are the high ones you deficiency to facade out for.

Why do you deficiency to escape these?

Because it is truly just processed sugar.  When these ingredients are adapted you also don’t usually suppose a good fiber measure, which method you have none to assist slow down the flurry of sugar into your blood and the spike in insulin levels.

This leads to fat storage and more importantly intestines fat storage.
So what bread can you eat to escape intestines fat storage?
Look for 100% every component of grain bread or sprouted grain bread.  Both are excellent picks because theyretain more  of the good stuff that receives stripped out with the other breads.
When you receive more of the whole grain you receive a higher fiber crosswise and a heartier grain.  This leads to a slower surge in blood sugars and a smaller insulin response.


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