Not an Usual Calorie Burn Calculator

This is a calorie burn calculator. But not the usual one which shows you how many calories you can burn doing different exercises. Well, it does the opposite. This page tell you how much time or work will take for you to burn calories you have consumed doing what you usually do during the day. This calculator show you the time you have to walk, run, play volleyball, drive your car or just simply rest to burn the calories. You can choose many different activities to choose from.

You can find it here:

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Sean Burrows said...

This site has some great information on weight loss, thank you very much! I really like the calorie burn calculate, very useful! :)

Another great weight loss method is doing a Liver Cleanse, this flushes out all the toxins and allows your body to burn fat more efficiently!

Unknown said...

Thank you:)

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