Factors that Leads to Weight Gain

Effective weight loss program should be personalized based on personal needs. Our body response differently and what is effective to some may not be effective for you. Understanding your body, eating habits and personality can help jumpstart your weight loss program.

Eating the right kind of foods and increasing physical activities are basically the main ingredients of successful weight loss. However, let us understand first the factors that can lead to weight gain so you can thoroughly assess your body and lifestyle prior to starting your program.

Sleep deprivation is one of the leading factors for weight gain. Not getting enough sleep means your body is under stress and when you are under stress you tend to eat more.

Getting adequate sleep allows your body to rest and recuperate. Any signs of stress will signal the brain to store fats which will make it difficult for you to lose. The body will also crave for food so it can fuel the body when under stress.

Some medications can cause significant weight gain. Contraceptives, steroids, prescription drugs and other hormone replacement are few examples of medications that can cause weight gain when consumed. Some stimulates appetite; others store fats while few affect insulin level in the body. You can ask your doctor for opinion and recommendation if you wish to drop few pounds while on the medication.

Some people are born with obese genes and this can be difficult to accept. However, genes only affect 50% of your future and the 50% lies in your environment. Lifestyle modifications and applying other healthy choices can help you lose weight effectively. Understanding your body is necessary for effective weight loss.

Weight gain can be a sign of underlying diseases. Certain illnesses cause the body to retain fat, slows metabolism and even retain fluids. If you are on a diet and do workouts daily but still fail to lose few pounds, then you should get medical checkup.

Hypothyroidism is one example of disease that leads to weight gain. It slows down your metabolism while causing you to lose appetite. However, you will still gain weight and feeling of lethargic on a daily basis even when you are not doing heavy physical activities.

Always seek the help of medical professionals so you can get proper assessment before starting on your weight loss program.


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