Diet Pills Facts

Everyone knows that a woman will only take pills if they’re safe. Call it the maternal instinct, or should we just say that everyone knows that women are more sensible then men? In this case, I am wrong. When it comes to their own body and their attempts to lose weight, women will stop at nothing to get the job done, whether or not it’s safe or a good idea. This shocking information came back from a study I’ve completed that interviewed owners of dietary and fitness stores. I was expecting to find out that women wouldn’t take anything but the kindest, gentlest, safest supplements to help with weight loss.
The survey results showed the contrary. Women wanted the highest octane, hardest core diet pills available, regardless of the cost. This didn’t even matter if the product was marketed to men, women still buy it.

Here are some of the things I have found out. 
The owners of stores that sell dietary supplements tell me that females are looking for what is supposed to be the primo product. In other words, they want something as strong and powerful as possible.
They want ephedrine-based products if that’s what it takes. They want pills for men. They just want to lose weight and they want to do it now.
Another thing that was interesting is the age gap about these products. Younger women are more likely to by the medicre pills, while the older moms are the ones that want to pull out all the stops. This is contradictory to conventional wisdom that would have you believe that younger women would be more reckless. It’s the other way around.
You’d think this especially since a lot of products are supposed to have ingredients that are specifically targeted to the female body.
The disturbing thing about this is that most store operators report that women want to replace working out with a pill. That in itself is a bad choice.


steve said...

I think the women want it so strong because there sick of being fat. I read an interesting article on a guy who used to work for a leading pill company, His name is brad pilon
Really opened my eyes about the whole industry

Anonymous said...

You article helpd me to understand that I don not really need any adipex diet pills

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